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The Dog & Gun Walk
Submitted To Cowlingweb By: Nicky Bunting - North Yorkshire County Council Countryside Ranger
Difficulty rating: Low. OS map South Pennines OL 21
Distance: Approx. 5 miles
Description: A fairly level walk to a popular ‘food pub’, with the option of a bus back.
Accessible by public transport: An hourly bus between Keighley & Colne, alighting at Cock Hall, Cowling (5 min walk to start of route).
Parking: Outside Holy Trinity Church, Gill Lane, Cowling. Grid Ref SD 967 430.
Walk map: Dog & Gun Walk Map
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Walk Map
( Res: 1000x707 )

Walk Description
1) With your back to the churchyard, turn right & walk up Gill Lane. Past the school, & a long row of terraced cottages. Continue along the lane until you get to a Pennine Way signpost on your left.
2) Turn right through a hand gate signposted ‘Public Footpath’. Walk across the middle of the field, heading towards the far end of the tall hedge.
3) Cross a stone stile. Don’t drop down the bank, but head straight on, keeping the wooded bank to your left.
4) Approaching the end of the field, bear right & down a grassy cart track. Through a metal field gate, & straight on, along the side of the beck.
5) At a stone gatepost with a round hole in it, turn left, down a bank to a footbridge.
6) Cross the bridge, turn right, & follow the beck to a large footbridge.
7) Don’t cross the bridge, but go straight on, through a kissing gate, into the former parkland of Carr Head.
8) Follow the path along the beck side, past the ornate lime kiln.
9) Continue along the path as it starts to climb away from the beck. At a flight of old stone steps (on your right), bear left, uphill, & follow the permissive path to a stone stile onto the lane.
10) Turn right, down the lane to Nathan Jennings’s bench.
11) Turn left, signposted ‘Public Footpath’, down a steep flight of stone steps. (If you prefer, continue along the lane & take your next left).
12) Go downhill & through a squeeze stile to the right of the gate.
13) Cross the road bridge, & turn right at a stile signposted ‘Public Footpath’.
14) Go straight on, to a stile to the left of a gate.
15) Go straight on, through a wide gap in a hedge, then a stone stile.
16) Cross the footbridge, up the steps, then walk uphill keeping the hedge to your left.
17) Cross the stone stile in front of you (not the one to your left). Go straight on keeping the hedge to your left, then through a timber field gate.
18) Go straight on, keeping the hedge to your right. Through a timber field gate, then turn right & follow the tarmac track.
19) Go past the next farm on your right. Just before the cattle grid, turn right, & follow the permissive path down the track to the left of the house. Rejoin the footpath, to a stone stile in the wall corner.
20) Go straight on to a concrete building. Turn right, in the middle of the meadow, & walk downhill, past two large ash trees on your left.
21) Go through the timber field gate at the bottom of the meadow, then bear left & through a hand gate next to a field gate.
22) Follow the gravel path through the archway at the former corn mill. Turn left to join the main rd.
23) Turn right & follow the pavement. Note the double-arched parish boundary stone on your left, & the former lodge house for Malsis Hall.
24) The pub is on your left; with the bus stop outside if you’ve done enough walking. Otherwise keep going along the pavement, flanked by mature beech, sycamore & horse chestnut, then turn right at Carr Head Lane.
25) Follow the lane for ½ mile. Note the carved stone gate posts.
26) Pass a pair of semis on your left, & turn left down a lane. Cross the road bridge, then turn right over a footbridge signposted ‘Public Footpath’.
27) Go straight on: the walked route goes up the old steps. Then turn left, back into the parkland at Carr Head.
28) Retrace your steps, along the beck side, to the big footbridge (Ridge Mill Bridge).
29) Cross the footbridge, bear right, & follow the track to Brian Garside’s bench.
30) Follow the track uphill, past Wood House, through a hand gate, then a squeeze stile, & another hand gate to meet a farm building.
31) Continue up the track, & through a hand gate at the end, to meet Gill Lane.
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