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“I parked my van near pinnacle view last night , When it forecast heavy
Snow. it wasn't blocking the path and I pushed my wing in to
Avoid obstructing people's right off way.
This morning 18th someone covered my door handle with dog mess. They didn't see my dashcam
So I will be leaving a copy the local police .”

Posted by Gareth pociecha | 18/11/2016 17:32:57

“Gareth -I don't own a dog and I don't want one, I don't want any pet, not even a b.... goldfish? - but I do live on Pinnacle View - and I don't think anyone on here would do such a thing! How do you know the person who did this is from Pinnacle View? We get numerous dog walkers on here - and I must say that almost every one I see on a regular basis is very responsible, especially a couple of young Mums who bring their prams and dogs on leads into the Hartley Field - witnessed one v. early one morning - she stopped the pram, picked up the mess, remembered to fasten the gate and continued to the dog bin!”

Posted by Joan | 19/11/2016 23:30:34

“Joan , see it from my point of view !!Somebody has taken the time to do this disgusting act and the only people who needed to pass my van were most likely to be residents on your street . I cannot express how inhuman this act was ( smearing dog dirt on my door handles) & that somebody could actually think about doing it !! I pay my road tax and have only ever parked there in heavy snow approximately 4 years out of 12 in total & never blocked any right of way or parked outside anyone's house . Perhaps you might think all your street are law abiding citizens but a dog owner has definitely done this & thabkfully I forwarded pictures to the police from my dash cam .”

Posted by Gareth Pociecha | 20/11/2016 17:11:51

“Well I think it is very disgusting how or why would anyone even think of putting dog crap on van handles. It's absolutely disgusting I would not do such a thing even to my worst enemy. Now go wash your hands you filthy animal hope you catch a disease. One thing Gareth was it dog ***** ?

Posted by Lorraine | 20/11/2016 17:39:20

“P.S. - I wonder if you realize that although Pinnacle View is a cul de sac, there is also an entrance path up a few steps from N. Ends corner and the main road! The culprit could have been anyone! Pls. let us all know who it is/was?”

Posted by Joan | 20/11/2016 22:16:43

“Do we know the name of the culprit yet pls?”

Posted by Joan | 02/12/2016 12:26:11

“I'm response to a name,Joan
The images are not clear enough to see who it was.
I think it's some illiterate dog owner. My money's on someone from pinnacle view.
Where I park my van has nothing to do with anyone, it's taxed and insured.
I would like to meet this idiot though

Posted by Gareth pociecha | 13/12/2016 16:49:14

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