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Welcome to the Cowlingweb message board.

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VANDALISM IN OUR COUNTRYSIDE! Please be observant when on walkies! Think the entrance to Lane Ends wooden footbridge might have been damaged deliberately (reported to NYCC a few weeks ago) and have now heard that parts from Ridge Mill Bridge have been stolen and damage done there (again.) In the end us council tax payers will have to pay for repairs.
Pls. take photos, and report anything like this to Serg. Paul Taylor PS1264 or any parish cllr. (pls. refer to Cowlingcouncil web site.)

 Posted by Joan | 24/03/2014 11:48:43 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Got sick of the mess at main rd./back Gibb St. so went with hubby and" tried" to clean it up - was nearly sick - bins had actually been emptied last week (usually full of the wrong type of rubbish) but stunk horrid - and over the fence at no. 2 -yard full of dog muck! Old phone kiosk is still "live" and has been reported to BT many times but nothing doing - pls. have a go yourselves, as BT promised to remove it around 2011. No. 4 Gibb St. has not been lived in for over 25 years! Reported all this to Environmental Health Dept.
Please help to make our village a nice place to live in! Our lengthsman does a brilliant job, but cannot be expected to do this nasty work which others leave behind!

 Posted by Joan | 13/03/2014 22:36:42 | Post / View Replies | 4 replies to this message

Looking for[ JEF ]{ spelling wrong } Scott live at CARR HEAD HALL where his dad worked back in the late 1950 and into the 1960 do you no where he is now ?

John Douglas
Mick Platt

 Posted by John Douglas | 16/07/2012 11:29:12 | Post / View Replies | 11 replies to this message

Set of house keys found near Wainman's Close letterbox in Cowling, please get in touch, call Emma on 07970 785376 if they are yours! Hope we find who they belong to.

 Posted by Emma Smith | 14/03/2014 20:36:07 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Ward 24 at Airedale General Hospital is scheduled for closure. Dementia Care will be moved to Bradford, Lynfield Mount Hospital.
For more information and a chance to express your views, go to: click on the browse button then enter ward 24 petition in the search box.

 Posted by Jillian Cave | 14/03/2014 20:36:07 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Hi, Can anyone recommend a local builder?
Need an old stone out house knocking down in the next couple of weeks.
Many Thanks

 Posted by Karen | 12/03/2014 14:33:43 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Hate ironing or just don't have the time? Not to worry I am here on hand to help!! I offer a collection & drop off service for all your ironing needs!! I can also replace that missing button, take up that hem or replace that zip. Please do not hesitate to ask and I will be happy to help. Please contact me for prices and any questions. Please call Jill at Jills Make Do & Mend on 01535 636403 or email Many thanks

 Posted by Jill Procter | 11/03/2014 21:16:40 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Just had a fantastic part- day out in Bolton Abbey - haven't actually walked around there for years! Weather perfect! The parking (usually £7 per car) is still free in both the Pavilion park next to river - and the main car park- until the weekend! Pls. consult their web site for details.

 Posted by Joan | 10/03/2014 19:19:40 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Hi, Does anyone know in the village if there is a good reliable babysitter for a weekend evening in July. Thank you.

 Posted by Michelle | 09/03/2014 21:29:00 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Hi, I am looking for stables and grazing within the cowling / lothersdale / crosshills etc areas. Wanting a private yard or farm with stables or a barn which could be converted and ideally an arena or one very close. Space for a minimum of 5 horses

 Posted by Becky | 09/03/2014 21:25:53 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

CHANGES TO BUS SERVICES: Reductions in subsidies (NYCC)
Details may be found at
by ringing 0845 8 72 73 74
by visiting any North Yorkshire Library
Timetables and leaflets available from bus service providers or
by visiting at least 10 days before any change

 Posted by Joan | 04/03/2014 21:57:57 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Does Anyone know the whereabouts of Eileen Joyce Whittaker??? Nee Shaw.
Last known address Sun Street Cowling. We were step brother and sister.
Keith Brown

 Posted by Keith Brown | 26/02/2014 20:24:38 | Post / View Replies | 3 replies to this message

Hi, does anybody have a space (outside) to store a classic 1982 caravan?
At the moment it's 10 miles outside the village but we would really like it to be nearer home.

 Posted by Elizabeth | 24/02/2014 21:25:42 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Hello all. If anyone who actually likes teenagers and young people and would like to support the lovely lively young people who live in Cowling is interested in helping out with Cowling Youth Club on a Tuesday evening, your support is very welcome. At present Cowling Youth Club is run by North Yorkshire County Council Staff. Unfortunately there are due to be severe funding cuts to Children and Young People's Services this year due to the government saving exercises that are being seen across all public services. It is likely that many Youth Clubs will close unless they can be made sustainable within their own communities. Cowling Youth Club is well attended by young people aged between 11-17 and it would be a real shame to lose this facility in Cowling.

Support to volunteers/community groups looking to get involved can be provided through 'North Yorkshire Youth' (a team commissioned by NYCC to support the development of community based volunteers and youth groups). This is working positively for those groups they are currently involved with.

So please, spread the word and put your concern for the youth of Cowling into action to make sure Cowling youth club stays. Contact Craven Youth Support Service on 08450 349572 and ask for Natalia Oates or Jane Holdsworth

 Posted by Jane | 24/02/2014 19:48:03 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

I am Rev. Saidu Kanu, Methodist Minister with pastoral charge of Cowling, Cross Hills and Eastburn. I live in Sutton-In-Craven and I just want to know more about Cowling. I am interested in working with young people.



 Posted by SAIDU KANU | 10/02/2014 12:03:22 | Post / View Replies | 3 replies to this message

Lost on Sunday 16th Feb a Ford car key somewhere between Laycock Fields and the shop, please call 07779644934 if found.

 Posted by Wendy | 16/02/2014 17:38:04 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE REVIEW OF PARISHES IN CRAVEN: Boundary Changes agreed 2010/11 -are now implemented - 16 dwellings which have previously agreed to this - from Sutton Parish are now in Cowling, and 16 dwellings which have agreed - from Cowling Parish are now in Lothersdale! Further details and maps pls. refer to CDC web site!

 Posted by Joan | 16/02/2014 12:04:27 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

BUS SUBSIDY REDUCTIONS - Service No. 975C - Cowling - S. Craven School - to take place from April 2014. The service will remain but a fare of £1 per journey will be introduced.
(I am not very clear on this and have asked NYCC for more details - does it refer to those children who live over the 3 mile limit and who until 6th form - do NOT pay fares already, or does it refer to those children who live under the 3 mile limit and who DO pay fares, or does it refer only to the school bus?) Hopefully more later!

 Posted by Joan | 13/02/2014 16:46:29 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Fiber Optic broadband is now available in the village via BT & TalkTalk.

 Posted by Mark @ Cowlingweb | 01/11/2013 20:03:50 | Post / View Replies | 21 replies to this message

REMINDER: The Mobile Library was outside St. Andrews M.C. Thursday afternoon 6th Feb. and still comes every 2 weeks from 3.30 p.m. - 5.30 p.m.

 Posted by Joan | 10/02/2014 22:41:26 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

I just wanted to say hi, new here obviously.. look forward to contributing to the community

 Posted by Michaeltymn | 05/01/2014 18:46:03 | Post / View Replies | 2 replies to this message

Now it's official I'm allowed to brag ........
Oliver Wilkinson has been accepted for an apprenticeship with the BBC at Media City, Manchester. Some thanks must go to David Adams at Drystone Radio for gving him the chance to get some experience! Good things do happen now and again!

 Posted by Joan | 27/01/2014 23:28:02 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

MISSING PRAM RACE TROPHIES: It's a long time ago c. 1974/5/6 - and the landlord and lady then were Sylvia and the late Ian Clues. Sylvia asked the whereabouts of the trophies and silver salver a few years ago - they were kept in the Bay Horse for a time - then no trace of them - will contact the old brewery archives to see if they know. Any information welcome. Thanks.

 Posted by Joan | 01/02/2014 14:40:36 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

ihi all. i have been searching for james &mary smith plus hoyle. i wish to thank josie,mark,joan and all on this site. for all your work in going to the library etc. i have now contacted a living relative the best xmas present ever. good luck with all the good work you do for this site. i had given up trying after all my failures to contact someone..ANYONE. but never give up . something will pop up. goodluck and thankyou marl.

 Posted by marl | 16/01/2014 02:32:40 | Post / View Replies | 2 replies to this message

Family history website.
I am posting this information as many readers are researching their family history and so this site may be of use. It is the Wharfedale & Craven Genealogical Study. The website is, wharfegen org uk Don't forget the dots.

 Posted by Banks | 01/02/2014 11:18:05 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Just to let you know and this may concern you if you have children, that the second reading of The National Service Bill 2013 - 2014 will take place in parliament, (where else, ) on the 28th February 2013.
Proposer is Mr Phillip Hollobone.

 Posted by Banks | 30/01/2014 01:16:16 | Post / View Replies | 2 replies to this message

I would like to appeal to the lady who walks her horse in the 60 mph stretch of road between Cowling and The Dog and Gun public house, while she then walks beside the horse, herself being even further into the road and then adds the length of her riding crop by sticking it out horizontally to further take up more of the road making it awkward for drivers to safely pass her. I believe you are trying to make some sort of point but you are risking life and limb with your actions. Can you not walk it on the path please, making it safer for all, including yourself and your horse and all the drivers who are lawfully using this stretch of road. This is wilful obstruction of the highway.

 Posted by Cliff Armour | 17/01/2014 09:25:15 | Post / View Replies | 6 replies to this message

The next Parish Council Meeting will be held at St. Andrews M.C. at 7 p.m. on Monday 3rd February. Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month unless a Bank Holiday, then pls. ask. Public participation to receive residents' queries is at the beginning of the meeting, or at the discretion of the chairman. Cty. Cllr. Patrick Mulligan almost always attends, and the police also attend when available. There are still vacancies for cllrs. - please contact the Clerk or any Cllr. - pls. refer to the Cowlingcouncil website, or the village newsletter for further information.

 Posted by Joan | 24/01/2014 11:33:53 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

ICKORNSHAW BECK: At long last work is going ahead on the restructuring of Ickornshaw Beck across from the old chapel flats! The poor lads who are doing the work in this awful weather standing knee deep in the beck which was at its worst today!

 Posted by Joan | 27/01/2014 19:06:33 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

I would. like o apeal to thecowling family .that if my father albert dale cowling is related to please email upmost regards michael w cowling.

 Posted by Michael. wayne cowling | 26/01/2014 17:45:58 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

I was interested in the enquiry about Smith and Hoyle. Many of you knew David Hoyle, his mother Florence was my great grandmother Smith's sister. They were both Whitakers. I stopped doing the Smith research years ago as I found that there was so much inter-marrying among the Cowling Hill families in the 19th. century. My grandfather John William Smith died from injuries in the 1st. World War and I would be interested to learn of any events being arranged in Cowling on the centenary.

 Posted by Barrie Smith | 16/01/2014 19:18:20 | Post / View Replies | 3 replies to this message

CENTENARY OF WW1 2014 - Anyone out there wishing to check relatives details on the Cowling List for WW1 and 2 - please get in touch asap. - Joan Tindale - Joan@Cowlingweb

 Posted by Joan | 17/01/2014 12:17:46 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Abandoned Car? Does anyone know if the car which has stood on the North Ends layby for around 2 weeks actually belongs to anyone, or has it been abandoned? Thanks.

 Posted by Joan | 14/01/2014 12:06:20 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Hi everyone, just something which I forgot to put into the January Newsletter which I wanted to share:

Visits Cowling
Thursday 9th January 3.30-5.30 pm
Thursday 23rd January 3.30-5.30 pm

The Supermobile library carries around 3,000 items of stock, including books, DVDs and Audiobooks. It's free to join.

Disabled access is provided and access to the internet is available via the internet link.

(The 9th is probably too late now but the 23rd is the next one.)

 Posted by Phoebe (Cowling News) | 09/01/2014 17:21:53 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Events coming up at:
NYCC Crosshills Library & Customer Services Centre:
Thursday 16th January 10.00am – 12.00 noon
Family History For Beginners
Using Find My Past and
Cost: £10 – includes 3 months Public Network Computer subscription, Family history sites e-booklet and refreshments
Tel 0845 034 9533 to book a place

Friday 7th February 9.30am – 10.30am
Snowy Story Time and Activities for Under 5s
Free event in conjunction with South Craven Children’s Centre
Free book and rhyme sheet to collect and an opportunity to join Bookstart Bear Club
Tel 0845 034 9533

Tuesday 11th February 10.00am – 11.30am
Shopping on the Internet
Tips on how to use the internet safely and how to shop
Free event
Tel 0845 034 9533 to book a place

 Posted by Julie Lonsdale | 09/01/2014 10:48:59 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! Looking for a new computer -but do have laptop as backup. This old thing has served us well for around 10 yrs. (actually bought it to find out what this Cowlingweb was all about haha - and what g.o.d. was up to with our village - which has all been great - a new dimension on life!) Any good advice welcome.

 Posted by Joan | 01/01/2014 12:07:20 | Post / View Replies | 2 replies to this message

I greatly appreciate every one of the informative read on I most certainly will spread the phrase about your site with people. Cheers. wish you all the best in 2014!

 Posted by Roseann | 05/01/2014 22:22:14 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Rita's Restaurant - is it busy still or is the novelty sadly wearing off, especially now the Bay Horse has reopened temporarily? Had another fantastic family Boxing Day meal at the Langroyd - 3 courses @ £9.99 each - and lovely staff! Might need a lick of paint, but who wants to pay for the decorating - not us? Also good value at the Morris Dancers, Colne, and Beeches, Keighley. Don't wish to try anywhere else at the moment, due to previous disappointments and wasted cash.
To Rita's - could you try catering for us locals please - this is not Knightsbridge, it is Cowling! Sorry -but someone has just said - why doesn't someone tell them - believe it or not, we are trying to help!

 Posted by Joan | 28/12/2013 14:39:36 | Post / View Replies | 7 replies to this message

Hi, we have just picked up a lovely female staffie from Cowling, she is
grey and looks like quite a young dog. She has a couple of nasty cuts
and as a result we have taken her to the vets. Is anyone missing her? If
you could help that would be great? Regards Paul

Sergeant Paul Taylor
Safer Neighbourhood Sergeant

 Posted by Sergeant Paul Taylor | 26/12/2013 16:21:28 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Bin Collections will be one day latter this week and next ie. Friday not Thursday

 Posted by Dave A | 24/12/2013 10:59:58 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

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