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I notice in to-day's press that the newly promoted Tory M.P. claims to be related to Philip Snowden. Has anyone in their research found this connection?

 Posted by Barrie Smith | 16/07/2014 09:47:02 | Post / View Replies | 5 replies to this message

COWLING CONTINGENT - Pls. refer to page 141 "Cowling a Moorland Parish 1980" photo of Cowling Volunteers.
On behalf of Dr. Bill Smith (Aireville School) I am trying to locate the remaining relatives of these men in order to find out if they would like to receive invitations to this event, and have already made a start. Our Cowling lads who lost their lives were John Hartley, Arthur Hargreaves, A. C. Benson and Fred Benson. Others on the photo are Frank Stephenson(two), Albert Saville, Frank Lomax, Johnny Hoyle, Willie Hewitt, Willie Bradley, Sydney Fisher? etc.
Please contact Joan Tindale, email Joan@Cowlingweb, Joan@Cowlingcouncil, or pls. phone 01535 634944 for further information and a scan of the original photo if required. WE WILL REMEMBER THEM!

 Posted by Joan | 17/07/2014 09:52:14 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

My maternal great grandfather's family were farm bailiffs in an area, to the best of my knowledge, called South Dean to the south of Cowling(?) The family moved to Guiseley, West Yorks in, I think, c. 1850>. I would be pleased to receive any information you might be able to send me on the family and/or the area.(My great grandfather was a plumber/ironmonger who married a publican's daughter of a (Huddersfield )family who had also moved to Guiseley, owning the (now) Station Hotel which was in my great great grandmother's name.

 Posted by ian Hutton | 07/07/2014 09:36:29 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Hello, does anyone know where I can get some local honey in cowling area?

 Posted by Steven Burles | 10/07/2014 19:06:01 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Would like to compliment Paul Swinson and co. builders - what a super job they are making of the renovation of the old village hall - took photos today (old and new) when there were no cars in front! So glad this good building was not demolished.
The foundation stone laid by Wm. Marchbank looks nice too!

 Posted by Joan | 09/07/2014 22:16:28 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Monday 14th July - Open House at 5 Wainman's Close from 2 - 4.30 p.m.
Friday 18th July - Quiz Night from 7 p.m. at the Village Hall
Wednesday 30th July - Open House at Intake Farm from 2 - 4.30 p.m.
Everyone Welcome!

 Posted by JMT | 02/07/2014 21:03:59 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Hi there, We are looking for a local (ish) cattery for a week in a few
months time. Can anyone recommend one please and with an idea of cost.

 Posted by GS | 09/06/2014 16:29:55 | Post / View Replies | 4 replies to this message

Looking for a local handy person to re-stain a wooden garden railing - not a big or exciting job but a bit beyond us at our age! If you can help please call Shirley on 01535 633253.

 Posted by Shirley Estill | 19/06/2014 20:33:35 | Post / View Replies | 3 replies to this message

From Craven District Council Planning Site - Application No. 14717 Hurstfield, Cowling.
Certificate of lawful development for the proposed use as a residential home for a maximum of six residents! Applicant The Priory Group - also at The Priory Hospital, no. 2 Burley Court, Steeton (across from the bowling green.)
Comments to District Cllr. Ady Green who is on the CDC Planning Cttee, or CDC direct, or Cowling Parish Council. All planning applications may be viewed on the site.

 Posted by JMT | 27/06/2014 19:34:17 | Post / View Replies | 2 replies to this message

Fibre broadband has again been delayed on cabinet two again. The new "expected date" for cabinet 2 is by the end of September 2014. Which is nearly two years after it was built!

 Posted by Rich | 28/03/2014 14:35:28 | Post / View Replies | 24 replies to this message

If anyone wants to join the procession but are struggling for transport then please get in touch as a local transport firm has offered unlimited transport to us for the Gala procession from small sided vans to the big wagons
Cowling Gala

 Posted by Joanne | 25/06/2014 21:51:21 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Your Recreation Ground needs your help!
Volunteers needed for light gardening duties at the Cowling Recreation Ground
on Saturday 19th July
No minimum hours - just whatever time you can spare!
Please bring your own gardening tools!
Pls. meet at 10 a.m. onwards by the under 5's playground area. Thank you.
More information pls. contact the Recreation Ground Management Cttee. Group
Chairman - Rachel Jackson Tel. 01535 634704

 Posted by Rachel/JMT | 24/06/2014 19:33:42 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Cowling Preschool and Toddlers Ltd
AGM-Monday 7th July 2014 @8pm
In the Preschool room in the village hall.

Cowling Preschool & Toddlers Ltd is run by a committee who are all volunteers and who are responsible for fundraising and managing the setting as a whole.
New committee members are always welcome and are vital to keep the preschool open.
If you feel you would be able to contribute in any way please come along, everyone welcome.

 Posted by C0wling Preschool & Toddlers Ltd | 24/06/2014 13:16:13 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Did anyone else see the plane display over Cowling this afternoon (Saturday) - it was spectacular - but for what purpose - was it for a Gala or big event?

 Posted by Joan | 21/06/2014 21:02:54 | Post / View Replies | 2 replies to this message

STOP PRESS: There will be Strawberry Teas at Intake Bungalow, Park Lane on Friday next 20th June from 2 pm to 4.30 pm. £3 per person or any donations welcome for the Boiler fund, St. Andrews. As in previous months, there will be Open House & Garden on Monday 30th June. I do hope you can support some of our events. We need all the help we can get! Just hoping for decent weather.
Many thanks

 Posted by Edna Smith | 12/06/2014 17:19:31 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Hi everyone. New to this site,
I use to live here a few years ago, and just moved back into the area.
I decided to have a walk around the Cowling Hill area this week. What a lovely countryside, Great views.
I was disappointed though as I walked up a narrow lane towards Cowling hill where I think John Henry lives ( I may be wrong about the name here) . As a vehicle was coming down I stepped into side to let it pass, To find I had stepped into some Horse poo. You can understand my reaction. As when I looked it looked as if it had been thrown over the wall from the filed in to the side/grass verge , they was quite a few droppings. I have owned horses in the past and I have never seen this before. I do understand field need to be cleaned but really throwing over a wall in to the grass verge. That is what I call lazy or bone idle. Children today most be taught how to respect the countryside. Hopefully this is just an over site and will be rectified. As the countryside in Cowling is fantastic.

 Posted by sharon | 01/06/2014 21:17:11 | Post / View Replies | 2 replies to this message

Hi name is Hollie, iam a newly qualified Graphic Designer and Photographer ( B.A HONS DEGREE). I have had employment but I am wanting to set up my own business now that I have more experience and gained my qualifications. I have experience of building websites, creating logos, branding a company and more, using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.
I have experience in most areas of Photography landscapes and portraits, outdoors and indoors, range of different subject matters, black and white vs colour imagery. I have recently completed a brief for the Natural Trust, using my own images to communicate to the younger generation how exciting and interesting the outdoors can be, having gained a distinction grading for my final pieces. No job is to small or to big, competitive prices with high quality workmanship. I am available for any event or just a one off photoshoot. If you have any enquiries please dont hesitate to contact me at

 Posted by Hollie Knowles | 08/06/2014 09:07:01 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Forthcoming events at NYCC Crosshills Library & Customer Services Centre
Thursday 26th June 2.00-5.00pm
Celebrate the Tour de France Grand Depart by visiting our French Cafe
+ DVDs, , language courses and all things French
Tel 0845 034 9533 e-mail:

Wednesday 2nd July 10.00am-1.00pm
Tea and Teach
Unsure how to use your tablet, ipad etc ?- bring them along to our drop in and get some free 1:1 tuition
In partnership with Barclays Bank but there will be no selling of banking products

 Posted by Julie Lonsdale | 05/06/2014 09:01:19 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

FOUND - black and white cat on A6068, been hit by a car, probably early hours of this morning (Tuesday 3rd June) I moved her/him onto the verge, just at the foot of the Pennine Way gate onto the road (opposite side from Dovetail and about 100 yards down towards the village). I have his/her collar - black webbing with a white/silver plastic coating and a little bell) if the owner would like it?
Jackie - 07872652126 (Nan House)

 Posted by Jackie Monk | 03/06/2014 07:46:36 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Planning Application - 14691 - 163 Keighley Rd. - Proposed conversion of funeral services offices and chapel of rest to two dwellings. Looks like the end of another very long era - Emmott and Bradley's original joiners shop!

 Posted by Joan | 02/06/2014 17:31:52 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

There is an "Open House and Garden" at Intake Bungalow, Park Lane on Friday of this week from 2 pm - 4.30 pm with Bring & Buy stall, raffle, tea/coffees etc. If this date is inconvenient, there will be an opportunity to come on Monday 30th June, Weds 30th July or Saturday 30th August. Just hoping for good weather! All proceeds are for St Andrews' Boiler Fund( we need approx £4,000). Look forward to seeing you.

 Posted by Edna Smith | 26/05/2014 12:11:37 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Cowling Village Hall Management Committee
Saturday 24th May - Midday to 3pm
at Winkholme Bridge, Cowling
Grand final prizes of £30, £20 and £10
5 heats, 1 grand final
Race a duck for £1!
Promoter: M. Rogerson, Cowling Village Hall
Registered under Gambling Act 2005 with
Craven District
Council No. SL0125

 Posted by Mike Roigerson | 11/05/2014 16:13:58 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Friday 23rd May 7 - 9 p.m. preview.
Saturday 24th May 9.30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Concert by the Cobbydale Singers at 7 p.m. admission £4.
Sunday 25th May 11.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Monday 26th May 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
To be followed by a service and auction of flowers.
Homemade refreshments available at all opening times!
Contacts are Eileen Proud tel.632677 or Mona Townson tel.632023

 Posted by Joan | 19/05/2014 22:06:50 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Reward for return of Camera. Lost on Mill Croft a few weeks ago. Holiday pics out there somewhere!! Can anyone help?

 Posted by Pamela | 15/05/2014 15:01:31 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Has anybody seen any boundary marks between Stott Hill Moor and Ickornshaw Moor ? If there are any they are likely to be on boulders and in the form of the following initials - BP, TTP, RTP or PB. The initials are those of members of the Parker family of Cuerden Hall, Preston who were Lords of the Manor of Stott Hill from the end of the 17th century through to the 19th century. I should also be interested to know if anyone has any information on a boundary dispute between Sutton and Stott Hill which ran from the last quarter of the 18th century until it was finally settled by the Sutton Inclosure Act of 1815.

 Posted by Robin Longbottom | 12/05/2014 06:26:48 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Spent a really pleasant evening to-day dining with friends at Rita's. We were given a warm welcome by the owner and the "early bird" menu was extremely good value for money. The pasta dish was served in a lidded white dish and the portion was huge, not to mention very tasty! My chosen dessert was chocolate fudge cake with ice cream....delicious! And the coffee was HOT!!!

Will certainly visit again and would highly recommend this immaculate restaurant (the white linen tablecloths/napkins were spotless!!) to everyone. Come on Cowling your local Italian!!!!!

 Posted by Joan Godfrey | 08/05/2014 00:16:00 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Does anyone know what's planned for the field at the top of Acre Road? Digger been there all week turning soil over and trucks taking soil away!

 Posted by Jean | 21/02/2013 18:26:56 | Post / View Replies | 6 replies to this message

Just to let the people of Cowling know that this will be my last year as Secretary of Cowling Gala.
While I have enjoyed my time involved in Cowling Gala ( 9 years). It's time for me to move on. Unfortunately most of the committee are resigning with me so will need a new committee for the Cowling Gala to continue onwards

If you are interested on taking this role or becoming a part of the Gala Committee then please come to the Gala meeting on Wednesday May 14th at 7.30 in the Bay Horse to see what the roles involve Thanks
Joanne Winstanley.

 Posted by Joanne winstanley | 27/03/2014 22:42:16 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Please can anybody recommend a reliable window cleaner? We have just moved to the village & really need our windows cleaned on a regular basis thank you

 Posted by Jenette Davies | 24/04/2014 21:43:55 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Hi - does anyone know where i can get cheap some storage facilities in Cowling, Crosshills, Keighley?. Potentially in between house moves so may need for a couple of weeks. Thanks

 Posted by Wayne | 25/04/2014 10:31:14 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Looking to buy "Craven's Part in the Great War" book - but not paying silly prices. Or would like to borrow a copy for about a week during summer term if anyone can help pls.

 Posted by Joan | 16/04/2014 22:18:45 | Post / View Replies | 5 replies to this message

In need of a garage to store my car in as I'm using it less and basically tinker with it. Any help appreciated

 Posted by Mr t | 17/04/2014 18:42:02 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

If anyone is interested I see there is hardback copy of 'Cowling..A Moorland Parish' for sale on ebay. The starting price is £29.99 and it is situated in Burnley. It seems rather expensive, but that's how things go.

 Posted by Norman | 17/03/2014 14:20:40 | Post / View Replies | 2 replies to this message

@@ allotment available@@
I have a small allotment that has come available. It's can be either free (in return for a little help keeping some flower beds weed free) or a nominal rent. It's at the top of fold lane.
Let me know if you are interested by calling or texting on 07545215668 chris

 Posted by Chris | 05/04/2014 18:22:36 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Would like to share this site with any of you who might be interested - I am gobsmacked and have already spent hours on it - "Britain from Above" - you will find aerial views of Cowling and can zoom in very close -all quite clear - taken on 7th July 1949. Collinge Rd. is still in the process of being built, some of the fair has arrived in the rec. ground for Gala Day - and their washing is out on a line in the rec. All fascinating- and especially to those who can remember Cowling in the old days!

 Posted by Joan | 07/04/2014 07:52:22 | Post / View Replies | 2 replies to this message

LATEST AT WINKHOLME TOP BUS STOP around 8a.m today! Very foggy -2 fire engines arrived - school bus in difficulities - driver sent all children safely back home -meanwhile another bus had arrived -it went back empty - then breakdown van - all soon back to normal - thanks to driver!

 Posted by Joan | 03/04/2014 16:47:15 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Who gave you permission to put pictures of the Joe Sawleys family on the Cowling Internet and pictures of my family John & Ada Smith and me the son of John & Ada Smith

Please get back to me and explain who gave you these photos that you have on you web site
Thank you

 Posted by John Smith | 26/03/2014 14:38:32 | Post / View Replies | 2 replies to this message

Narey of Silsden would like to announce that he is now back at work.after having pneumonia. Just for the following whom have heard he gave was just. A roomer. He was very lost a lot of weight leaving him in hospital he's now back on as if anyone has any scrap metal to be collected, Nareys of Silsden 07796 356607

 Posted by p&j Narey | 03/03/2014 03:30:01 | Post / View Replies | 3 replies to this message

A couple of years ago 'Banks', Joan and Lizzie kindly replied to my enquiry about Watsons of Cowling. My Dad, Ruric Ronald Watson, sadly passed away suddenly last week at the age of 91 but he was thrilled to have found out so much about his family and we were also contacted by a distant relation in Australia with Cowling roots last year. Thanks to all who helped Dad in his continual quest for knowledge.

 Posted by Paula Watson | 29/03/2014 22:01:48 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Anyone interested - surplus to requirements at village hall (some are on walls) - some old Cowling yesteryear views etc. originally put together by the Moonrakers history group will soon be on sale at St. Andrews New2U Charity outlet - open Tues. and Thurs. 2 - 4 p.m. and Sat. 10 - noon.

 Posted by Joan | 27/03/2014 22:04:59 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

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