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Welcome to the Cowlingweb message board.

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COWLING - still an ugly picture in a beautiful frame! When you've lived here a long time ( can't seem to get away?) and remember what it used to be like! Just made a list of improvements which could quite easily be made! However, must compliment the few little gardens down our main street which have been lovely this summer - especially that behind the main street bus stop - thanks - wish there were more!

 Posted by Joan | 05/09/2015 21:42:43 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Anyone have contact with the former MAVIS ATKINSON - married Eric Dransfield I think - lived in Ling Crag, brother Billy Atkinson who went to Keighley Boys Grammar.
She was an attendant for the Cowling Coronation Queen in 1953.
Their mother was a good friend of Mrs. Jacques, probably her neighbour.

 Posted by Joan | 27/08/2015 22:01:26 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

A new Local History Book - 72 pages - with coloured maps and documents -
publication date October 2015. £10 per copy (plus £2 p.&p for any number of copies) - pls. make cheques out to Cononley Local History Association -c/o D. Gulliver, 3 Tillotsons Court, Meadow Lane, Cononley BD20 8NG.

 Posted by LOCAL NOTICES | 01/09/2015 12:01:00 | Post / View Replies | 2 replies to this message

We seem to be back in February? What's happened (or is just my computer that's been asleep for six months?

 Posted by Edna Smith | 23/08/2015 22:01:17 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Teacher from Cowling signs up for Rocky Mountains trek for Marie Curie

A teacher is preparing to take part in a demanding physical feat to help terminally ill people.

Sam Whitham, who lives in Cowling, will participate in a trek in the Canadian Rocky Mountains in aid of Marie Curie.

She needs to raise more than £4,000 to take part in the venture.

Sam, who is assistant head of the English Faculty at Holy Family School, Keighley, will be 50 later this year.

She explained she had wanted to mark an important year in her life by taking on a challenge.

When she carries out the walk next June, she will be trekking for six to eight hours a day with other Marie Curie supporters for at least five days.

Sam said: "My 50th birthday is on December 29, and I wanted to do something positive, rewarding and useful to others to celebrate.

"Marie Curie is a well-known, reputable charity, so I chose to support them as both my grandmothers died of cancer and a friend of mine has just been diagnosed with skin cancer.

"I’ve already started my fundraising and had a cake and bun sale for staff before the end of the school year that raised £104. I’d like to thank them for their support."

As part of the same fundraising drive, she has also staged a teen disco. Her future events will include a coffee morning in September, bag packing at Keighley's Morrisons Supermarket in October and a disco at Silsden Sports Club in November.
Promoted stories

"I enjoy walking, though I wouldn't say I'm a major hiker," she added. "I'll definitely be doing some longer walks before I take part in this.

"I've been to a lot of places, but never been to Canada before, so it'll be a new experience. The weather when we do the trek is supposed to be pleasant – like an English summer – but very cold in the mornings and evenings."

To support Sam's effort online, people can offer money by visiting the web page.

Sharon Link, who is a community fundraiser for Marie Curie, said: "We’re extremely grateful to Sam for choosing to support us.

"This is a big challenge for her, both in the fundraising target she needs to reach and the actual trekking she will be doing.

"Her target of £4,000 will pay for 200 hours of Marie Curie nursing care.

"There are still places available for anyone who might be interested in trekking in Canada, or indeed doing other treks to support the charity."

People interested in helping the organisation can visit for more details.

 Posted by Greywolf | 23/08/2015 12:09:30 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Help wanted with cleaning and ironing, on Lane House Road, 4 to 5 hours fortnightly.

Experience preferred, references required.

Many thanks

 Posted by Beverley Stewart | 12/02/2015 13:26:01 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

We are looking for a gardener in ICKORNSHAW ,for 5 hours a week. Pay,at the going rate.

 Posted by Martin Robson | 10/01/2015 18:47:12 | Post / View Replies | 2 replies to this message

Lane ends and local residents.

Hi everybody, I live on lane ends and park my car outside the house. Over the last 2-3 years someone occasionally messes around with my car - pushing my wing mirrors the wrong way, scratching it etc. If you know who does this, or see them do it occasionally could you please let them know it's not fair! I worked very hard to own a car, and I look after it, but for other people to be scratching it and messing around with it is completely uncalled for and very upsetting. I don't park onto the pavement and I rarely park anywhere other than in front of our house.

It upsets me a great deal that someone is being this horrible to another person! I wouldn't dream of touching anyone's car, and I just can't understand why someone is continually doing it to mine!

Sorry this is long. Thank you.

 Posted by Toni | 01/02/2015 20:01:11 | Post / View Replies | 3 replies to this message

Wishing Revd. Bob Carter a very happy 80th birthday - today 1st Feb. Bob was our resident vicar here for many years and played an active part in village life.

 Posted by Joan and Robin | 01/02/2015 15:11:17 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Never knew that Skipton has a biennial Puppet festival and I have lived here for years. Is it just me or has it bypassed by others?

 Posted by Banks | 04/02/2015 19:42:05 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

hello my name is David Whitaker i am trying to find out as much imformation as i can about my fathers family who were all born & bred in cowling ,my father was harold whitaker son of john william whitaker of far carr head farm i found their graves also that of william whitaker & his wife grace & my fathers sister hilda blackmore who are all buried up at cowling hill baptist chapel cemetery , but their were other members of the family who i cannot seem to find ie dinah mable & elisabeth whitaker who were john willies sisters they must have married but i dont know who too ,i would like to join this site but cant find how to pay the £,10 00 joining fee ?we listened to the recording of david hoyle & he mentioned john willie whitaker whos byname was john willie o jack o dinah , i have no relatives to ask so was hoping that somebody will know something about them thankyou , David Whitaker.

 Posted by David Whitaker | 15/10/2014 16:39:22 | Post / View Replies | 20 replies to this message

Re Photo May Day 1957 Where these children from Cowling Primary School I was there in 1957

 Posted by Anne Drake | 18/01/2015 19:37:35 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Binns - Weaving a Century 1852 - 1952 Century Book ...... I have just read, with great interest, the aforementioned booklet on your web site. My father used to work at the Binns Orchard Silk Mill in Shildon, County Durham and the family, including myself, lived at Orchard Way, Shildon (12 houses built and rented by Binns). Can anyone supply me with any 'history', pictures etc. post 1952 (particularly related to Shildon)?

 Posted by Phil Errington | 28/01/2015 12:50:55 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

COMPANIONS - open meeting - everyone invited -
PETER BROWN SLIDE SHOW - Cowling Village Hall on Weds. 21st Jan. at 2.00 p.m.
Adm. £2.50 inc. homemade refreshments.
Local and wildlife pictures, and a few taken on Companions summer outings.

 Posted by LOCAL NOTICES | 17/01/2015 12:52:03 | Post / View Replies | 2 replies to this message

Harlequin bistro.

Definitely a must place to visit. Lovely atmosphere with stunning food & friendly staff , we will be booking a table again very soon .

 Posted by Gillian | 14/12/2014 18:58:36 | Post / View Replies | 5 replies to this message

David, Did you know that David Holyle's mother was Florence Whitaker? Suggest you also look in the Burnley Area and at Holme House. Did you know my cousin John Cardwell at Landis back in the 50's. Barrie Smith

 Posted by Barrie Smith | 17/12/2014 18:59:18 | Post / View Replies | 2 replies to this message

COWLING GALA 1996 - Just watched an old home video - family and Cowling Gala 1996 - and what a fantastic Gala that was - good weather, still plenty of tableaux etc. and still plenty of community spirit - Joggie? was Joshua Tetley on the Bay Horse tableau, and the Black Bull tableau was "Grease", 2 bands etc. -plus lots of babies in the baby show! Clips from older Gala videos are still on Cowlingweb I think.

 Posted by Joan | 21/01/2015 17:04:10 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Looking for a home-help for a couple of hours a week to help a lively elderly couple (my parents) who live in a bungalow in the Cowling area and have mobility issues, with domestic tasks such as house cleaning, laundry etc in Cowling area. If this is something you could offer, please contact me (Sarah) on 07932 664940.

 Posted by Sarah Kernick | 16/01/2015 17:32:14 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

A TEENAGE boy from Cowling stars in a major new screen musical, which will be broadcast on TV on Boxing Day.

Sam Burles was auditioned by leading comedy writer Victoria Wood for his role in her musical That Day We Sang.

Sam, 14, who attends Craven School, plays the character of choirboy Hewitt in the nostalgic drama.

His appearance follows a role in hit BBC drama Our Zoo, which was screened earlier this autumn.

Both acting roles came through Sam’s membership of the StageCoach performance school in Cullingworth.

The Stagecoach drama teacher, Matt Zina, acts as Sam's manager with his company Yorkshire School of Acting.

Sam’s father Steven said: “At StageCoach they work towards a performance in the summer and just before Christmas, with this year’s show being Shrek the Musical.”

The Day We Sang is set during a 40-years’ reunion of a children’s choir from the 1920s, with Michael Ball and Imelda Staunton playing two of the middle-aged choristers who realise they have a last chance at happiness.

That Day We Sang will be screened on BBC2 on Boxing Day at 9pm.

 Posted by Greywolf | 24/12/2014 16:50:32 | Post / View Replies | 5 replies to this message

FOR SALE - Over 100 wooden stacking/interlockable chairs @ £4 each or a suitable price for the job lot! Buyer collects please. On behalf of St. Andrews Methodist Church - going on Ebay soon. Tel. 634944

 Posted by Joan | 30/11/2014 16:28:00 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

To all the readers, viewers and webmaster of the Cowling website. Wishing you all A Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year..

 Posted by Norman | 24/12/2014 15:50:11 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Hello everyone! We have recently moved here from Derbyshire to Dean Laithe Farm, and we are looking for a suitable space for an art room and storage room to rent. Tony is an artist in his spare time. The space will need to have electricity and ideally a water supply.
Tonys web site address is:
Hope you can help! Many Thanks..

 Posted by Sonia and Tony Howell | 23/12/2014 07:55:46 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

I would just like to say what a lovely carol service we've just had at St Andrews. For those of you who couldn't be there, you missed a treat! Community spirit at it's best. Philip, you are an amazing organist & it was a pleasure to sing with the choir - Well Done on your solo Joan! Thanks for inviting me again Kathleen. Merry Christmas to everyone & Happy New Year x x

 Posted by Stacey Binns | 21/12/2014 20:23:10 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Lost phone!! My mum has lost her phone so could everyone please keep there eyes peeled, it is in a pink flip case, but the phone is dead. It's a silver iPhone 5.
Please return if found.

 Posted by Ella | 21/12/2014 09:56:00 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

A CANDLELIGHT CAROL SERVICE will be held on Sunday 21st December at 6 p.m. at St. Andrews Methodist Church, which will be led by Revd. Saidu Kanu - everyone welcome.

 Posted by LOCAL NOTICES | 18/12/2014 22:32:30 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

COWLING PRIMARY SCHOOL CAROL SERVICE will be held at 6 p.m. at St. Andrews M.C. on Wednesday 10th Dec.

NOSTALGIA AFTERNOON - Sunday 14th December at St. Andrews M.C. at 2 p.m.
An old fashioned slide show with over 70 slides taken by the late David Hoyle - 1963 Gala, Ickornshaw Chapel Centenary 1975, Carr Head Garden Parties, Norman Binns snr. with his horse brass collection, local people and views etc. Pls. bring a few slides to share or anything of interest. Festive refreshments!

CHRISTMAS PRAISE SERVICE led by Glenda and Tony's group at 6 p.m. St. Andrews M.C. Sunday 14th Dec. Lively guitar and keyboard music. Festive refreshments.

 Posted by LOCAL NOTICES | 07/12/2014 21:21:14 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

MISSING CAT. Lucy. Last seen Friday, 5th Dec near Royd Street, Cowling BD22 area. 2yr old female, cream and brown coloured long winter coat with bushy brown tail. Tabby face and blue eyes. No collar but chipped. If anyone has found her, knows where she is or what's happens to her please contact Andrew on 07769266138.

 Posted by Andrew Newiss | 09/12/2014 17:42:14 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

COWLING HILL BAPTIST CHAPEL - CAROL SERVICE - Sunday 7th December at 2.30 p.m. led by Revd. Tony Taylor. Festive refreshments after the service (always a good do hahaha!)

 Posted by LOCAL NOTICES | 30/11/2014 16:30:38 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message



I found a ring close to Cowling Pinnacle on Saturday 6th December. Would be great to find its owner.

 Posted by Rachael Wilson | 07/12/2014 15:11:40 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

i have just been down the rec with my dogs and 3 people walked into rec with 3 labs one young one one chocolate and one black,,,,, as they were walking across the rec towards the skate park there dogs were fouling all over and they never picked it up,, so i told them they were supposed to and got a few unwelcome comments given back,, it drives me mad ,,, why why why do they do it ???????
very annoyed dog owner

 Posted by joanne town-jones | 28/11/2014 16:25:57 | Post / View Replies | 2 replies to this message

We, too would Like to know what is happening at harlequins ??? The website is still the couple who bought from Simon. The rumour is that Simon is re opening with himself as front of house manager. Does anyone know any more??? Janet: Lothersdale

 Posted by Janet bower | 03/12/2014 15:40:03 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

COWLING CHIPPY OPENING TIMES OVER THE CHRISTMAS PERIOD - Please look on the Chippy Blog Spot/ web site for opening times as there is an error in the December Newsletter.
Thanks to the Newsletter editor, printer and team - looks like they have had a lot of extra work for the December Newsletter. Extra copies of newsletter in corner shop, and now online too!

 Posted by Joan - for Cowling Chippy | 03/12/2014 22:26:08 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

ST. ANDREWS M.C. TOY SERVICE - Sunday 7th Dec. at 10.30 a.m. Please bring "as new" or new toys- unwrapped pls. - or any other suitable gifts for the Salvation Army to distribute to needy families at Christmas.

 Posted by LOCAL NOTICES | 03/12/2014 12:30:30 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Readers may be interested to know that Chris Riley and I have published a 40 page book on the old Sutton township boundary. It includes information on the boundary adjoining Cowling (from the Hitching Stone to Lowere Lane Ends). There is a section on the Sutton/Stott Hill boundary dispute and some information on the Parkers, lords of Stott Hill. Contains over 50 photogrpahs and maps. A limited number of copies are available from the Keighley Civic Centre (old police station), North St, Keighley, the King's Arms, Sutton and from Chris Riley at 7 Hollybank, Bent Lane, Sutton. Price £8.00. All profits will go the Manorlands Hospice, Oxenhope

 Posted by Robin Longbottom | 13/11/2014 08:48:54 | Post / View Replies | 2 replies to this message

Hi, Iam looking for my long lost family. My mothers maiden name was Cowling and my mothers father came from North Yorkshire. Im intrested in any information that anyone has on my familys past. Thank you x

 Posted by Samantha Difford | 10/08/2014 10:27:08 | Post / View Replies | 3 replies to this message

POSSIBILITY OF RE-OPENING NORTH ENDS AND REC. GROUND TOILETS: I have now retired as a Cllr., but please let the parish council know your feelings via their web site, or post on here and I will pass on!
Personal opinion only - N.Ends toilets - owned by CDC - if CDC reopen, maintain and spervise them - fine, but not to be financed from Cowling's precept - they were very well used by passing vehicles, but were of very little benefit to Cowling, and as a neighbour - after the "goings on by mucky men" over a long period of time when they were open - certainly not fit for any children to walk past -and the police were very well aware of it - no thanks. Utley toilets were pulled down for that reason, and at that time Laneshawbridge toilets and Wycollar car park were also having similar problems.
Rec. Ground toilet - this has been tried and tested many times before - sex, drugs and "rock and roll" - not worth the hassle and the extra costs. Police advice should be sought on both toilets please.

 Posted by Joan | 28/11/2014 14:18:08 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

"SPOTLIGHT ON BROADWAY" at South Craven tonight - tomorrow and Saturday - what a fantastic performance by around 100 young people! What a lot of young talent we have in the area - thanks to all involved and well done - the next two audiences are in for a treat!

 Posted by Joan | 27/11/2014 23:39:38 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

WW1 Centenary - now getting to the final stages of updating list (now with Christian names also) of our Cowling lads who lost their lives WW1 and 2. Stuck on one of the "F. Smiths"WW1 - there were hundreds - might be another Fred Smith? Do already know the other Fred 29718 Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Next attempt might be searching through 5 years of newspapers in library. Any help welcome, but local information would help. (CPGWar site are also helping, and CWGCommission give hundreds of F. Smiths with no identification other than name and no.)

 Posted by Joan | 21/04/2014 23:36:04 | Post / View Replies | 6 replies to this message

Info. for ornithologists: 3 Buzzards soaring directly over Middleton. Sited from Middleton. Date: two weeks prior to this post.
2 Buzzards flying from over Middleton then over football field( not M. Rec)-Date: 3 days prior to this post.
I have never seen Buzzards in all the 34 years that I have lived in Middleton and neither has the other person who saw the them and he has lived here all his life.

 Posted by Banks | 04/11/2014 23:34:01 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Anybody know what's happening at 'The Harlequin' ?

 Posted by Glenn Frost | 25/11/2014 17:16:45 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

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