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Welcome to the Cowlingweb message board.

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Hi we moved to Cowling in November and we are still finding our feet. Could anyone help with these questions please:
1. Is there a window cleaner that covers Cowling
2. Does anyone deliver newspapers to Cowling
Thanks for help

 Posted by Marian Neil | 12/02/2017 16:23:52 | Post / View Replies | 2 replies to this message

COWLING MAIN STREET RECREATION GROUND: RGWG (Recreation Ground Working Group) OPEN MEETING - will take place
at Cowling Village Hall on Thursday 16th March from 7 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.
This is residents' opportunity to hear about new plans and to have their say regarding any recreation ground issue.

 Posted by LOCAL NOTICES | 12/03/2017 17:40:52 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Laycock Singing for Pleasure Group
Is there anyone in Cowling who would be able play keyboard for our group. We have been established 3 years but our current leader is stepping down due to ill-health. We meet weekly from 7.30 to 9.30 in term-time with refreshments and homemade cake.

 Posted by Pat Reynard, nee Kay | 09/01/2017 13:31:17 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Hi was just wondering what can be done about the disgusting amount of dog poo that is on the park. I have 2 dogs myself and wouldn't dream of leaving there mess. Kids play on the park it's awful.

 Posted by Vicki | 20/02/2017 12:51:16 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Hi Liz,

Have you got one for sale?

 Posted by Banks | 02/02/2017 16:06:20 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Can anyone tell me, where is the nearest Pilates class to Cowling? Thanks

 Posted by JohnH | 27/01/2017 21:50:18 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

COLNE here calling . A friend travelling regularly to Keighley on the bus from here and back alerted me to an incident this week Monday or Tuesday .Apparently one of the regular ladies who alights at Cowling who she sees on her return journey was either absentminded or asleep and didn't realise where she was until the bus reached Emmot Arms ,Laneshawbridge. The bus driver no help told her the Keighley bus had just passed them so my friend concerned about this lady advised her to go into the pub because it was dark .
I've rung the pub but they know nothing .
At one particular time there an hour between buses late afternoon so my friend is concerned still .
I'm wondering if in the dark that Cowling bus stop isn't that well lit and this is why she missed it ,or as I said was asleep .
.obviously we do t know this ladies name

 Posted by Pat Snowden | 17/12/2016 17:16:00 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

I found a dog had arrived at our house this morning brown with a white front (that's the dog not the house) .. two collars but no name very friendly, short haired female it looks like some sort of terrier. Call Wood House (633015) if you think it's yours or if you know whose it is. Doug

 Posted by doug | 19/01/2017 16:36:20 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Hi All,

Just wanted to announce that we've started hiring out our classic VW T2 Camper for shortbreaks and holidays. Full details can be found on our website at If you would like to book an unusual and retro break away, let us know you're from Cowling for a special discount!

 Posted by Liz Ensor | 16/01/2017 22:09:03 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

To be published shortly by Kiln Hill (Cononley Local History Association) -
Illustrated with photographs, transcriptions of wills, household inventories and deeds, together with information about the Tillotson family's relatives, tenants and neighbours in Cowling Hill, Cononley and Skipton - by David Gulliver.
Price £10 per copy plus £2 p&p from D. Gulliver, 3 Tillotson Court, Meadow Lane, Cononley, Keighley, BD20 8NG.
For more details (via email) pls. contact
On behalf of David Gulliver.

 Posted by Joan | 09/09/2011 17:47:40 | Post / View Replies | 9 replies to this message

Small, long legged, black and white cat, Otis, went missing on Christmas day from Garden Terrace, Cowling. I was looking after it for my daughter so it does not know the area. It has two little black furry nostrils. If anyone has seen it please contact me. Thank you for your time.

 Posted by Louise Law | 28/12/2016 17:44:45 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Hi we have moved in to he Cowlng area and three of our cats have now gone missing. A black fluffy cat with white bib and paws. A sun bleached ginger tabby boy with raged right ear and then two days ago a grey and white boy. My vet says this is very unusual I am concerned that his could be malicious.

 Posted by Francesca wanley | 28/12/2016 18:09:20 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Thank you and well done to the households of Wainmans Close and Bannister Walk for a great display of Christmas lights. Glimpsed them from the main road this evening and had a ride round - really made our evening! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

 Posted by Richard | 21/12/2016 19:54:08 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

A talk by local historian Floe Shakespeare - " CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS IN SOUTH CRAVEN"
AT Cross Hills Library on Thursday 19th May at 7.30 p.m. Tickets £2
Tel. 01609 534502. Email:

 Posted by LOCAL NOTICES | 12/04/2016 14:55:32 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Has anyone got the contact details for Mike, from Mikes bits n PCs? My laptop is having a rare moment of clarity so I can post this, but it definitely isn't right for 99% of the time!!

 Posted by CB | 14/12/2016 21:02:22 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

I parked my van near pinnacle view last night , When it forecast heavy
Snow. it wasn't blocking the path and I pushed my wing in to
Avoid obstructing people's right off way.
This morning 18th someone covered my door handle with dog mess. They didn't see my dashcam
So I will be leaving a copy the local police .

 Posted by Gareth pociecha | 18/11/2016 17:32:57 | Post / View Replies | 6 replies to this message

just a suggestion - I do use the link on the left hand side of the page to 'Local weather forecast' -- but it's for Skipton, why not change it to Glusburn for a slightly more accurate forecast for Cowling? (Cowling itself seems not to be listed)/

 Posted by JohnH | 04/12/2016 15:03:23 | Post / View Replies | 3 replies to this message

It would be nice if the people posting the flyers in the village advertising the Coffee Morning at the village hall would remove them after the event
Thank you

 Posted by David A | 11/12/2016 11:22:46 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

One for Cowling residents... I've just seen a man having a look at our trailer, he even took the cap off the wheel clamp to check the lock on it. It's on our drive. Tried reporting it on 101 to North Yorkshire Police but was on hold for ages. Make sure you keep everything locked up and out buildings secure.

 Posted by Mark | 02/12/2016 14:21:57 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Sunday 4th Dec. - Toy Service at St. Andrews M.C. at 11.15 a.m. Pls. bring unwrapped new or as new toys or gifts for older children and adults - to be distributed by the Salvation Army for needy families.

Sunday 4th Dec. - Carol Service 2.30 Cowling Hill Baptist Chapel followed by festive refreshments.

Saturday 10th Dec. - The final distribution of the J. W. Dawson Charity for all residents age 70 and over - St. Andrews M.C. from 10 a.m. - 12 noon by Cllr. Philip A. Boocock -- with refreshments.
Saturday 10th Dec. - Companions Group Christmas Lunch at 12 noon, followed by entertainment.

Sunday 11th Dec. - St. Andrews - Christmas Praise sing-a-long at 6 p.m. refreshments afterwards

Sunday 18th Dec. - St. Andrews - Candlelight Carol Service at 6 p.m.

Thursday 22nd Dec. - Carol Singing around the village - please meet at St. Andrews for 6 p.m.
Everyone welcome to help.

Saturday 24th Dec. - Christingle Service with carols at 4 p.m. Holy Trinity Church.
Saturday 24th Dec. - Traditional Midnight Holy Communion begins at 11.30 p.m.

Christmas Day 25th Dec. - St. Andrews Christmas Morning Service at 11.15 a.m.


 Posted by LOCAL NOTICES | 02/12/2016 12:48:58 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Someone/idiot put dog mess all over my van door handle
Some dog owner from pinnacle view
I would like to thank you in person
Alternatively the police have a copy of the dashcam footage

 Posted by Gareth pociecha | 19/11/2016 13:20:15 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message


We have just moved to the village and unfortunately our cat has escaped, she is called Nessie, she is a tabby and only has 3 legs. We live near Gibb Street. If anyone sees her please reply to this post. Thanks.

 Posted by Sam G | 21/11/2016 17:31:02 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Good morning. I would like to let people know that the Harlequin Bistro is open on a Sunday now, just in case you hadn't heard! Our delicious and generous roast dinners are available from 12pm until 7pm. 2 courses for £12.95, or 3 courses for £15.95. Children's meals are £5.95. We'd love to have your company this lunchtime.

 Posted by Dominique | 13/11/2016 09:21:05 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

For those interested in what is happening with Langdale nursing home:
After numerous years of trying High Adventure acquired the nursing home with a view to developing the site. After seeking quotes from local builders this proved unaffordable so we are currently renovating the old nursing home to be more bed spaces for High Adventure in a self contained building to be called 'The Nook' as in Ned Nook, for those of you who remember the original.
This will mean more business for our local suppliers and more clients for the chippy, pup, shop and take away as well as totally renovating and making good what has been an eyesore for a number of years. So we hope the wider community will see it as a positive for the village. You may have noticed there are now no cars parked on the road by High Adventure, this is because the farm sold us a piece of land to use for car parking. Now I heard as many people say they liked the fact the cars were there as it slowed traffic as I heard people disliking the fact they were there but we're glad to have off street parking as it costs less in wing mirrors! The area in front of 'The Nook' has already been tarmac'd to provide extra parking so, for better or worse, we won't be spilling out onto the road again.
So now you know

 Posted by Chris Jepson | 03/11/2016 01:35:49 | Post / View Replies | 3 replies to this message


 Posted by Joan | 06/11/2016 21:41:07 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Cowling's Annual Remembrance Service will take place on Sunday 13th Nov. at St. Andrews Methodist Church (top Walton St.) at 10.45 p.m. led by Revd. Nigel Ogley. The 2 minutes silence will be observed at 11 a.m. After the service the congregation will process to the main st. rec. ground memorial for the Act of Remembrance, laying of the poppy wreath, and the reading out of the names of Cowling's 71 men who lost their lives during or soon after WW1 and WW2. Afterwards another wreath will be placed on the memorial at Holy Trinity Church.

 Posted by Local Notices | 05/11/2016 15:48:42 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Set of keys found at the bottom of Nan Scar 27.10.16. Call Lisa Wilkinson 07824644642 or 01535 634286. Thanks

 Posted by Lisa Wilkinson | 27/10/2016 16:39:56 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Dear Fellow Cowinheeders,
Like a goodly number of villages, due to the recent motor-crash destruction of the B T Open Reach steel cabinet near Lane Ends, followed by B Ts total fiasco in attempting to rectify the problem, this resulted in our internet being mainly shut down for over 14 days. Together with my wife, Christine, I run two small, businesses: SLEDGEHAMMER ENGINEERING PRESS LTD and DANDELION STONE TROUGHS & ARCHITECTURAL ANTIQUES. Both businesses rely almost 100 per cent on our websites.
I am in the process of writing a newspaper article covering B T s obvious lack of duty of care to its Cowling customers, thus I am seeking contact with other Cowling folk whose businesses have been affected dur to the internet being down. I promise not to include names in the article, unless anyone wishes to include their name.
I look forward to receiving details of your recent internet troubles.

Best regards,
Alan McEwen
World From Rough Stones House, Farling Top, Cowling.

 Posted by Alan McEwen | 16/10/2016 09:24:30 | Post / View Replies | 5 replies to this message

hello, does anybody know if joan saville still lives in cowling, she would be sam and majorie savilles daughter, as i would like to get in touch,regarding family history research. any help would be appreciated, many thanks David

 Posted by David Whitaker | 30/07/2016 18:24:12 | Post / View Replies | 3 replies to this message

It anyone else in the village having problems with the Internet? We've been on and off now for nearly 17 weeks!!!! I know there was a cabinet destroyed at bottom end of village but this was before that.

 Posted by Chris Swales | 14/10/2016 08:34:48 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Hello, has anybody found a house key with a red aluminium thing on it. thanx

 Posted by Anonymous | 13/10/2016 18:32:28 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

Keys found this morning down by Doug Lawrence's house. Left on gate post to little bridge in case owner came back looking for them.

 Posted by T Metcalfe | 16/01/2013 09:59:17 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Does anyone know of any local riding hack routes or bridle ways for riding? We moved to Cowling in April and our horse has just been broken to ride and would like to find a safe, quite hack out.

 Posted by Paul cunningham | 12/10/2016 12:43:55 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

I am researching The Heaton family some of who were baptised in Cowling at Ickornshaw baptist church. is there anyone out there that could help me with my research it would be much appreciated.

 Posted by Linda Geeson | 06/10/2016 15:18:21 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

COWLING HILL BAPTIST CHAPEL: Harvest Festival on Sunday 25th September at 2.30 p.m. The Harvest Sale followed by refreshments will take place on Monday 26th September at 7 p.m. - auctioneer Mr. Norman Binns.

 Posted by LOCAL NOTICES | 21/09/2016 21:32:19 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

DISTRICT COUNCILLOR'S SURGERY: Cowling's District Cllr. Bill Mercer will be holding a surgery on Monday 26th September from 7 - 9 p.m. at the Village Hall, in order to receive residents' enquiries.

 Posted by LOCAL NOTICES | 21/09/2016 21:29:35 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

FAMILY HISTORY. My wife has traced ancestors to Cowling whose name is Gott. Has anybody related to the Gott family got information on William Gott born 1787 or there abouts.

 Posted by Phil Davidson | 02/08/2016 16:43:38 | Post / View Replies | 1 reply to this message

Hi All. Clutching at straws here but if anyone knows anyone who could be selling a house to 'do up' around Cowling, please could you let us know? We'd love to stay up here, but away from the road if possible - but we can't afford owt! So we need a project, we're not scared, we've been looking at barns! Must be in catchment area for South Craven. (There's nowt on Rightmove unfortunately.) Any suggestions greatly appreciated! Thank you.

 Posted by Stacey Binns | 04/08/2016 15:59:23 | Post / View Replies | 0 replies to this message

The Bay Horse... Discuss.

 Posted by alan | 28/08/2013 18:41:50 | Post / View Replies | 27 replies to this message

Would like to thank the BBC crew, Matt Baker & especially the Yorkshire Air Ambulance crew for making our afternoon. They were filming for Countryfile (to be on BBC1 probably 15th April) on top of the Pinnacle. The pilot allowed our 5yr old to sit in the helicopter & chatted away to us about his job. Matt Baker was also really friendly & none of the crew minded us hanging around for over an hour, watching & taking photos. What a treat & a fantastic cause to support!!!

 Posted by Sarah | 30/03/2012 20:51:45 | Post / View Replies | 8 replies to this message

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