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Cowling Methodist Ministers & Teachers & Members Portraits
Revd. Bruce White - Date Served: 1905-10 Revd. Bruce White
Served From: 1905-10
Revd. H. V. Capsey - Date Served: 1910-11 Revd. H. V. Capsey
Served From: 1910-11
Revd. Charles E Penrose - Date Served: 1912-17 Revd. Charles E Penrose
Served From: 1912-17
Revd. Arnold Lockett Revd. Arnold Lockett
Revd. F.A. Farley Revd. F.A. Farley
Revd. Alfred Booth 1933-38 Revd. Alfred Booth
Served From: 1933-38
Revd. Herbert Jones during WWII - Date Served: 193 Revd. Herbert Jones
Served From: 1939-1946
Revd. Eric Bilton Revd. Eric Bilton
Revd. Whitaker Revd. Whitaker
Mr James Smallwood - lay preacher Mr James Smallwood
Lay Preacher
Joseph Bradley 1878-1923 Joseph Bradley
Served From: 1878-1923
James Snowden - 45yrs service as Teacher, Superint James Snowden
45yrs service as Teacher, Superintendent & Treasurer
Everett Binns Everett Binns
Elizabeth Hutchinson - Date Served: 1875-1915 Elizabeth Hutchinson
Served From: 1875-1915
John Binns Date Served: 1858-1892 John Binns
Served From: 1858-1892
Jonas Laycock - Served for more than 40 years teac Jonas Laycock
Served for more than 40 years teacher & superintendent
James Emmott - Date Served: 1864-1913 James Emmott
Served From: 1864-1913
Related Photographs
Photographs below were taken at St Andrews on the 3rd June 2007 - By Cowlingweb

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