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Letter from Cowling Hill Baptist Chapel to the Church at Bacup - 1756
Supplied By: Eric Emmott
Dearly Beloved Brethren in Christ Whom we Esteem as Such you being always Sociable Agreeable and Christian Like Disposed to us witnessed by your Kind Receiving Gentle Dealing and Constant Care for us, Since Received into Church fellowship with you. Which we trust hath been God's Care Manifested Instrumentally by you to usward. But we having for sometime Laboured under Many Difficulties, which, you are not unacquainted with, Yet we have not been Straitned from you but Mostly from our own bowels, But however the Reason we have to Shew for Separating from you and Gathering into a Body of our Selves; Ariseth not from any Disagreeableness Either in Minister or People, Nor from the Dislike of Doctrines or Discipline; our principles being Agreed so far as we have knowledge one of another Not withstanding our weakness both in principles and practice. But our only Reasons are the Distance we live one from another, and the Inconvenience of our Ministerial Supplies. These Cases have been often Mentioned both by us and you, and our well Beloved Pastor Jospeh Piccop; who himself hath laboured amongst us in Very faithfulness and Openly Showed his Constant Care over us A Loving Kindness towards us, in his Laborious pains & Industry So far as possible in Every Respect. And Now at Length the providence of God, our Long Suffering and Gracious God, hath seen meet to favour us with the privilege of Sending amongst us our beloved Brother in Christ Stephen Wilkinson, whom we hope the Sovereign Lord Almighty hath made faithful and able to Dispense the word and Ordinances of God unto as agreeable to the Revealed Will of God

The people at Cowling Hill to the Church at Baccop

Give in the names as followeth

1. Colbeck Sugdon
2. James Emmott
3. Ellener Emmott
4. Willm. Cowgill
5. Eliz. th Cowgill
6. Chris. Emmott
7. Grace Emmott
8. Willm. Smith
9. Willm. Mattock
10. Margress Pighles
11. Susanna Waddylove
12. Joseph Wattson
13. Martha Wattson
14. Barbour
15. Hannah Thistlewait
16. Peter Wattson
17. Margrett Smith
18. Anne Thompson
19. John Naylor
20. Phillis Holdsworth
21. Mary Eastwood
22. James Wallbank
23. Elizabeth Hargreaves
24. James Emmott
25. Liddya Emmott
26. George Thristlewait
27. Sarah Thristlewait
28. John Tillottson
29. Anne Smith
30. Robert Wright
31. Stephen Wilkinson
32. Henry Smith
33. Jane Smith

In all 33 in number.
Signed at our Church at Cowling Hill July the 4th 1756.
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